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The Tea Crafters

Crème De La Vert

Crème De La Vert

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Green Tea, Vanilla Extract, Bergamot Oil, Orange Peels, Forget-me-not Flowers

The perfect marriage of the warm, floral sweetness of Madagascan vanilla and the citrusy notes of Bergamot, this tea blend promises a sensual burst of flavour in every sip you take. Made with a green tea that provides a mellow and nutty flavour to it, flavoured with oil of Bergamot and extract of the famous vanilla beans from Madagascar. An added tinge of citrus from the silky orange peels used as well, sits like a cherry on the cake.

How to make a good tea

  • Steeping time: 3 - 4 minutes
  • Temperature: 93 - 99 degree celsius
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